Our volunteers have opportunities to make a positive impact on individuals who can benefit immensely from equine therapeutic riding. Working with horses in a therapeutic context allows volunteers to witness the transformational power of these gentle creatures in helping people with physical, emotional, and psychological challenges. It can be deeply rewarding to contribute to the well-being and personal growth of those in need.

Additionally, volunteering in equine therapeutic services allows individuals to develop valuable skills and knowledge.

Volunteers often receive training on horse care, safety procedures, and therapeutic techniques, which can lead to a greater understanding of equine behavior and a heightened sense of responsibility. This experience can be especially valuable for those interested in pursuing careers in counseling, psychology, occupational therapy, or other fields related to human and animal interaction.

Furthermore, equine services volunteering fosters a strong sense of connection and community.

Volunteers become part of a dedicated, compassionate team working towards a common goal. The bonds formed with fellow volunteers, equine professionals, and the therapy horses themselves can be deeply fulfilling, creating a support network that extends beyond the volunteer role. In sum, volunteering in equine therapeutic services is a meaningful and enriching experience that benefits both the individuals being served and the volunteers themselves, making it a profoundly rewarding way to give back to the community.

Open Volunteer Opportunities

Lesson Volunteers

Volunteers assisting in a lesson work directly with the instructor, staff and rider. Volunteer provide assistance before during and after the rider’s lesson. Lesson volunteers are trained to become side walkers and or leaders, with each member of the team having a specific responsibility.

Lesson Volunteers

Volunteers assisting in a lesson work directly with the instructor, staff, and riders. Volunteers provide assistance before, during, and after the rider’s lesson. Lesson volunteers are trained to become sidewalkers and/or horse leaders, with each team member having a specific responsibility.


  • Must be 16 years of age or older. We accept volunteers under 16 if a parent or guardian
    supervises them.
  • Previous horse experience is not required. Must attend an orientation and volunteer
  • Must be able to walk and briskly jog on uneven ground throughout a 45-minute lesson.
  • Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds (e.g., saddle).


  • Be on time! Arrive 20 minutes prior to lesson time.
  • Be willing to learn and follow our procedures.
  • Be willing to assist staff with all barn chores.
  • Be willing to perform volunteer tasks with minimal supervision.
  • Be willing to attend continuing education and training classes offered throughout the

Areas Volunteers to Assist

  • Side walkers
  • Horse leaders
  • Office and promotion
  • Behind the scenes

For more information about volunteering at SES, contact info@sestherapy.com

Volunteer Forms

Special events Volunteers

Volunteers assisting with special events are greatly needed. There are a variety of committees that work directly with our event coordinator. There is a need for multiple areas, including but not limited to fundraising, marketing, media, photography, promotion, community awareness, grant writing, and newsletters, to name just a few.

Individuals with writing and marketing skills are very much appreciated. Strategic planning for events begins 6-10 months before the event date. Volunteer assistance is very much needed and appreciated. For more information about being a committee member, email Rachelle@sestherapy.com


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