Our equine services are a transformative initiative that harnesses the innate connection between humans and horses to facilitate healing and personal growth. Through a carefully designed blend of therapeutic horseback riding, equine-assisted activities, and professional guidance, this program offers individuals a unique opportunity to discover new dimensions of physical and emotional healing.

Basic Overview

Our Programs

Our PATH International Certified Riding Instructors work with clients one-on-one and in small group settings, utilizing the three-dimensional gait of the horse to provide therapeutic benefits.  Each rider is engaged through a combination of therapy, education, and recreation tailored to meet their individual physical, cognitive, and emotional needs.

Therapeutic riding is offered to clients ages four and up. Lessons are held once a week for multi- week sessions. Our riding season is from March through October since we do not have an indoor riding facility yet. We do have a covered riding arena for three-season riding lessons that provides therapeutic riding to children, adults, and Veterans, ages four and up, with physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive disabilities and Veterans as well as those suffering the effects of traumas.

Equine Assisted Activities

Therapeutic Riding is an equine-assisted activity using the horse mounted or non-mounted, for positive interaction with an individual. The interaction contributes to the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of individuals with special needs.

This format is fun, exhilarating, and holds the potential to change a person’s perspective on life! In addition to the physical benefits of therapeutic riding, contact with the animal is a powerful experience.  The strong bond that can develop between horses and people often has a profound, uplifting effect on those who are troubled or suffering.

Riding is more than just fun; it supports learning, mental development, and speech, increases physical motor skills, develops muscles, improves balance, flexibility, and more.  We have seen students progress from needing lots of support with balance to little support while riding. Also, we see students become verbal over time, engaging in multiple-word sentences and meaningful conversations with the instructor and volunteers.

Client Qualifications

SES provides therapeutic riding to children, adults, and Veterans ages four and up with physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive disabilities and those suffering the effects of traumas. There is no maximum age, provided the rider has no physical or medical contradictions. All riders must have signed applications, release forms, and a physician’s statement releasing them for this activity. One of our therapeutic riding instructors will evaluate individuals before enrollment. An individual plan will be tailored to best meet the client’s ability and needs.

Veteran's Program

Veteran Equine Therapeutic Service, VETS, is a program specifically designed to meet the needs of our veterans. For information on the VETS program, email Debbie@sestherapy.com

Fee Schedule

The calendar year consists of private and group lessons varying from 4 to 8 weeks each. For more information, email info@sestherapy.com

We are a 501(c) 3 organization.  Make Your Tax Deductible Donation Today.


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